Career Types

In the professional world, giving yourself an edge will always keep you in front. Below, you will find out which is your Career Type. It can help you to clarify what choices are important for you in your career, and is a very good way of understanding your priorities in your professional career.

  • The Careerist
  • The Harmoniser
  • The Idealist
  • The Leader
  • The Internationalist
  • The Entrepreneur
  • The Hunter

You are

The Careerist

Careerists ultimately want to be managers and leaders of groups of individuals in a business environment. They have no problem starting from the bottom and learning what each rung on the ladder is like. In fact, many Careerists consider this process imperative to being a well-rounded leader later on in their careers. Careerists tend to be ambitious, but are also team-oriented, so they often bring others up along with them (riding their coattails so to speak).

Salary Comparisons

Below, we are comparing your salary input towards your peers. Find how large the gender split is in your field, take a look what the average users input is and compare yourself to your peers.

  • You
  • Average
  • Male
  • Female

You expect


same as average
$130 more than average
$160 less than average

Employer Recommendations

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